AM4AS: Scenes identified and summarised

Summary of Scenes in AM4AS (**page numbers are according to Ms. D.’s book)



Scene i.   
pp. 1-9 – Home of Sir Thomas More

Scene ii  p. 10-13  – Wolsey and More

Scene iii   pp. 13- 16 – More, Cromwell, Chapuys, Boatman

Scene  iv.    pp. 16-20   – More’s home

Scene v.    pp. 20-25   – Cromwell, Rich, Chapuys, Steward

Scene vi.    pp. 25-41   King Henry’s visit to Chelsea

Scene vii.    pp. 41-46   – The Pub scene


Scene i.    pp. 47-57   More’s household

Scene ii.    pp. 57-62   – Cromwell, Rich, Norfolk

Scene  iii    pp. 62-66   More’s family in penury

Scene  iv.    pp. 66-70    Interrogation of More by Cromwell

Scene v.    pp. 70-74   – More, Norfolk

Scene vi.    pp. 75-81    More is interrogated in prison

Scene vii.    pp. 81-88   More’s family visit him in prison

Scene viii.    pp. 88-97    The trial scene

Scene ix.    pp. 98-99   More’s execution

AM4AS: I, vii. pp. 41-46 – The Pub scene (Questions)

Finish reading the scene we began today (p.42) (ends at the start of Act II).
Answer the following questions:
VII.    pp. 41-46   – The Pub scene

1.    What post is Rich offered by Cromwell? What does he give Cromwell in return for this position?

2.    Cromwell tells Rich he lost his innocence “some time ago.. .you’ve only just noticed…” What does this tell you about both Cromwell and Rich?

3.    Is it odd that both Cromwell and Rich call More “innocent” and mean that word as a true evaluation of More’s character? What does this assessment tell you about both these men?


4.    What does Cromwell’s action with the candle at the end of the scene tell you about the man?






***It’s OK to have difficulty with your homework, but you must make an attempt.
If you have questions in regards to your answers, we will take these up in class tomorrow.******
Ms. D.